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4 Wheel Alignment

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Perfect Finish offer a 4 wheel alignment service to our customers.
The wheel alignment service is an integral part of any vehicle repair and re alignment. You can be assured that our skilled staff and state of the art wireless technology can detect even the slightest geometry problem.

Wheel alignment, which is commonly and incorrectly reffered to as 'tracking' involves the measurement of several particular steering and suspension angles including castor, camber and toe as well as more complex combinations.These measurements are checked on both the front and rear axles and are critcle not only in the safety and handling of the car but adjusted correctly can also significantly increase the life of vehicle components such as tyres. Electronic wheel alignment can be offered as part of a body repair or indeed as a stand alone service. If you have any suspicions regarding the alignment of your car,give us a call.Perfect Finish NEVER compromise safety.

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